“In 2015, I walked into a gallery with a friend and ran into an exhibition by Jacky Zegers. It was love at first sight: cheerful and cheerful, when I looked at it, I always got a smile on my face. A year later I wanted to brighten up my garden with something cheerful. The link with Jacky was then quickly made. After joint consultation, fitting and measuring, we came to a custom-made design. The image has a nice place in my garden, I have a lot of fun and it always attracts nice reactions from guests “.
– Andrea Scholten

testimonial 2

“I already had a picture from Jacky and then decided to commission Jacky work for outdoor work. wanted a colorful work that has a relationship with our grandchildren, a twin. The end result is very beautiful and beautiful in a green environment. I would definitely recommend Jacky Zegers’ artwork. ”
– Tinus van de Pas

“When I discovered Jacky’s work, I immediately loved the colors, themes and happy vibes of the sculptures. I got in touch and I liked the direct contact and the disponibility of Suzanne and Jacky. With the sculpture Bright dogs it was love at first sight. That’s why I purchased it. The colourful dogs playing together are so cute! It helps me forgetting the heaviness of nowadays world. It brings me a moment of joy and lightness. When you enter the space, it’s the first thing that caughts your eye. I recommend Jacky Zegers to all of my friends!”

– Marielle Saradar

testimonial 1

“The work of Jacky Zegers speaks to us because of the happy colors and looks. We already had several works by Jacky and have recently added a picture to the garden. The work “In the knot” has a prominent place in our garden and is beautifully lit in the dark from the living room. Jacky’s works are all so happy, They will put a smile on your face. If everyone had something about Jacky, the world would be more colorful. As for me, I recommend it to everyone.”

– Jeroen Ploegmakers

“I purchased a unique sculpture – a dog tower – of Jacky for my office. Each time people walk in my office, the sculpture cheers them up. I purchased another unique sculpture of Jacky as a gift to my mother. She loves it! The sculpture and gesture mean a lot to her. I tell everyone about my enthusiasm for Jacky’s art work!”

– Maurice Tax

testimonial 3

“Jacky Zegers came by my way by chance. I’m not an art lover, but I’m happy with Jacky’s work. That’s why I have commissioned a job. After consultation and examples, it became clear what my wishes were for the work of art. Jacky has made what I like nicely without bringing her own ideas too much forward. I’m glad I’ve made the picture, I’m still proud of it. If I have an appointment with someone who has not seen the work yet, I often get nice comments. I would definitely recommend Jacky Zegers”.

– Ad van Haandel