Unique, custom art work!

Do you want to commission Jacky Zegers for custom artwork?

A completely unique, personalized artwork, tailor made for you by Jacky Zegers. Which nobody else has. That is nowhere else to buy. What are your wishes and preferences?

Something that fits perfectly with your interior, garden, practice or office. And that makes you happy every day. How amazing is that?


Yearly assignments limited

Yearly, Jacky makes time for just a few custom assignments. Whether it’s a painting, tower of images, wall object, mascot, urn or something completely different. Whether you are looking for a small image or a life-sized artwork. Whether you already have concrete ideas about what it is you want, or you want to give Jacky all the artistic freedom.

What is your occasion?

Reasons for commissioning Jacky for custom artwork include:

  • In memory of a deceased loved one
  • As an enrichment of a garden
  • In honor of an anniversary
  • As a striking branding of a company
  • As a happy mascot for a primary school
  • As an original promotional gift for a business relationship

For who?

Jacky can commission a piece of art for you when:

– The style of Jacky Zegers appeals to you. Because of course, any artwork that Jacky creates for you will be done so in her ‘signature style’.

– You want to invest in a personal trajectory with Jacky and a great end result, of which you have a good time for your life.

Are you curious about the possibilities and your investment? Fill in the form on the right and we will contact you within three business days.

Thank you for your interest!

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