About Jacky Zegers and Suzanne van Schaik

Jacky Zegers, Owner/Artist

As a child I was always drawing and working. Drawing was the only subject where I received good marks. “But you can never earn money as an artist, just learn a serious subject,“ my parents said. That subject I learned was mathematics. But after nine years of being a mathematics teacher, I decided that my life could not only consist of numbers and formulas. I had to make a change. I felt in every fiber in my body that the change needed to be art. In 2006, I made the decision to follow my heart and become an artist. As an autodidact I get my inspiration from nature and don’t hide my love for animals and bright colors. My work exudes positivity and that’s exactly the intention. That’s my mission: Making people happy with my work. For years I have worked in my company alone. But I always had more ideas in my mind than time to work them out. And, moreover, I am definitely more of an artist than an entrepreneur. Then I came across Suz. She compliments my perfectly and hrough her I can concentrate completely on designs. So I can spend my time creating works of art for you to enjoy.

Suzanne van Schaik, Partner/Artist Agent

I never thought that I’d end up being part of an art company parnered with one of the most talented and nicest artists in the Netherlands. My background lies in fashion blogging, copywriting, and marketing. Before Jacky, I had never even seen the inside of an art gallery! Despite my passion for fashion, I did not consciously go to the art academy: I felt much more commercial than artistic. Still, it seems as if everything I’ve done so far prepared me for what I do now: expanding the brand of Jacky Zegers. Jacky and I are an artist duo 2.0: Jacky has a passion for art and I for business. I am extremely proud of the work that Jacky makes and have a love for color and animals. As business partners, Jacky and I are complementary to each other. We keep each other sharp and have the same purpose: cheer up the world with Jacky’s work. In addition, we find it important to have a lot of fun, feel good and cherish our freedom. As cheesy as it may sound: the happier we are, the greater the added value we can offer to our customers. How can we be of value to you? I would really love to hear your input. Email me at suzanne@jackyzegers.nl and I’ll be back with you as soon as possible.