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As a child I was always drawing and tinkering. Drawing was the only subject where I received good marks. “But you can never earn money as an artist, just learn a serious subject,“ my parents said. That subject I learned was mathematics. But after nine years of being a mathematics teacher, I decided that my life could not only consist of numbers and formulas. I had to make a change.


“In 2015, I walked into a gallery with a friend and ran into an exhibition by Jacky Zegers. It was love at first sight: colorful and cheerful, when I looked at it, I always got a smile on my face. A year later I wanted to brighten up my garden with something cheerful. The link with Jacky was then quickly made. After joint consultation, fitting and measuring, we came to a custom-made design. The image has a nice place in my garden, I have a lot of fun and it always attracts nice reactions from guests”.

– Andrea Scholten

“I already had a sculpture from Jacky and then decided to commission Jacky work for outdoor work. wanted a colorful work that has a relationship with our grandchildren, a twin. The end result is very beautiful and beautiful in a green environment. I would definitely recommend Jacky Zegers’ artwork”.

– Tinus van de Pas

“We were on holidays on June 2017 in Ouddorp and we bought two sculptures from Jacky in Brielle in a Gallery. Since then we are big fans of Jacky’s great art. We then found Jacky on the Internet and found “Eugène”. We decided to purchase it as a Christmas present for ourselves. We absolutely LOVE our new sculpture Eugène. We would recommend Jacky’s work to people who like to have an art object at their home that makes you smile every day. A colourful art object that gives you a good feeling and delights you every day. An art object which not everyone has”.

– Sylvia & Christian Buergin